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Shay Greenwood is an Entrepreneur, Business & Style Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker and Founder of "The Styled Life" and The Style Life community for Women! She is better known as - Your Virtual BFF! 

She is passionate about helping women styling your life  - which could be styling your outfit...or styling your profession, or styling your home life - into something you love!

Shay attended 8 different elementary schools in California because of the ups and downs coming from a divorced family. Although this could be a negative part of life, Shay is the ultimate optimist!  She felt like it was a great reason why she has been able to connect with and friend people easily. Going from school to school helped to create her love in encouraging and supporting others. 


She was on the Dance Team and a Cheerleader in high school and really thought that she would do this professionally on a football field or basketball court…but she never considered that the Lord would give her the opportunity to professionally lead, coach and cheer online with entrepreneurs, in training rooms in businesses, and in arenas and auditoriums with audiences! 


Graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Shay was able to work for a Management Research Company which allowed her to work as a Management Consultant for clients like Disney World, Toyota, Stryker Medical, and was the lead consultant to Stedman Graham (yep…Oprah’s boyfriend).


In 2017, she was awarded The Encourager of the Year Award from her direct sales company that she had been a part of for 20 years (they closed in Dec. 2020).


She is happily married to Roosevelt Greenwood for 26 years and together they have 5 children ages 25-10 years old. She is passionate about helping everyone reach their fullest potential including their children. They have been homeschool parents for 20 years.


Currently, Shay loves encouraging women by sharing products she loves. She also lead a team of over 180 people.


Her life verse is Romans 12:2…Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.


In this day of women being stressed, overwhelmed, and distracted, Shay is determined to help women see their strengths, know their purpose, and consistently set the reset button to move beyond their circumstances to reach their dreams and goals!



It's my goal to help you to love every aspect of your life even though it's hard.

Let's do this No More Mom Guilt journey together! 








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